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As a 28-year veteran of law enforcement and as the Chief of the United States Park Police, Teresa Chambers was responsible for the safety and security of some of America’s most valued and recognizable symbols of freedom – including, but not limited to, such notable sites as the Washington Monument, the Statue of Liberty, the Golden Gate Bridge area, and the area surrounding the White House itself. She was also responsible, as are chiefs of police across the country – especially in a post 9-11-2001 era – to provide her professional opinion regarding the needs of her organization and to respond truthfully when asked about non-classified information regarding matters affecting your safety as a visitor to these and other National Park locations.

For her ethics and integrity, on December 5, 2003, Chief Chambers was stripped of her gun and badge by Department of the Interior officials. She was given no reason for these actions. One week later, Department of the Interior officials agreed not to pursue administrative charges in exchange for Chief Chambers agreeing to greatly diminish her authority as chief of police. The following week, in response to Chief Chambers’ and her attorneys’ declination of this proposal, the Department of the Interior proposed her termination. Chief Chambers remained on administrative leave for seven months until she was terminated in July of 2004.

Two of the six administrative charges against Chief Chambers were dismissed by an administrative judge of the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) in October 2004. Chief Chambers filed a Petition for Review with the full MSPB in December 2004 and still awaits their response as to the remaining administrative charges and the termination. If the MSPB does not overturn the case, Chief Chambers and her legal team will appeal the case in Federal Court.

This website was established without Chief Chambers’ involvement within weeks of the initial actions taken against her. It serves as a source of information and a repository of documents, news articles, interviews, depositions, comments from supporters, and related information so that you can determine what has occurred in this case. Our First Amendment rights as Americans and our valid expectation that federal government employees will “risk” speaking up when matters of our safety are involved are at stake in this case. Please spend some time on and return often to see how this case progresses.


Charges Statement of Administrative Charges Issued to Teresa Chambers by the

                         National Park Service


Rebuttal  Chief Chambers' Response to These Administrative Charges


Complaint Chief Chambers' Hostile Work Environment Complaint Filed Three Hours

                         Before the Gag Order


Amicus Brief  Amicus Brief Filed By Government Accountability Project


Timeline  Read the Timeline of Events


Illegal Orders Gag orders issued to Chief Chambers Are Illegal - Park Police Chief Asks U.S.

                               Special Counsel to Intervene


NPS Offer NPS Offered to Drop All Administrative Charges Against Teresa Chambers


FOP Release US Park Ranger FOP Calls For Don Murphy's Termination


2005 Budget  2005 USPP Budget Insufficient - NPS Denies Knowledge of Teresa

                          Chambers' Comprehensive Budget and Staffing Analysis


FedTimes Article  Federal Times Article Calls for Reinstatement of Chief Chambers


Award  Teresa Chambers to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award from the National

                          Center for Women and Policing for her outstanding leadership over a 28

                          year period and highlighting her tenure has Chief of the United States Park


Press Release  Office of Special Counsel Accepts Chief Chambers' Case


NPS Response  National Park Service Admits Reduced Police Service Coverage During

                         Raised Homeland Security Alerts


Hill Visit  Teresa Chambers Attends Congressional Hearing on NPS Travel Spending


Moran Statement  Congressman Jim Moran Expresses Concern Over Teresa Chambers' Status


Daschle   Senator Tom Daschle References Teresa Chambers' Case During Speech

                         on Senate Floor


Press Release  Organizations Decry NPS Service Cuts - Reveal Attempts to Mislead Public

                           with New Terminology


Cronkite Article  Walter Cronkite, the "Most Trusted Newsman in America," References

                          Teresa Chambers' Case in Article About Bush Administration's Pattern of

                          Lies and Secrecy


Face the Nation  Bob Schieffer's Comments from CBS Show "Face the Nation"


Letter  Director Mainella Disregards DOI Policy by Not Referring Chief Chambers'

                          Complaint Against Deputy Director Murphy to the Inspector General


Award  Chief Chambers Receives Prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award


DOI Denies Gag DOI Denies Gag Order Was Placed on Chambers


Press Release PEER Response to DOI Denial of Gag Order


Attorney Letter Letter from Chambers' Attorney Regarding Gag Order


DOI Response  DOI Canned Response Leaves More Questions Than Answers


Supporter Reply  Supporter Responds to Canned DOI Letter Regarding Chief Chambers


OSC Intervenes  Office of Special Counsel Intervenes in Chief Chambers' Case


Thank You Message From Teresa Chambers Thanking Supporters


How to Help  If you would like to respond or react to what you have read



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